A History Of Jewelry Joseph Saidian And Sons Caroline Childers

Joseph Saidian and Sons remain a prominent name in the jewelry industry. Founded by Joseph Saidian in 1945, this family business has been providing exquisite pieces for more than 75 years. The company is based out of Los Angeles, California and specializes in fine handcrafted antique resale jewelry from anywhere between Victorian to present day designs.

Joseph Saidian was known for his ability to find valuable gems and stones from around the world that many other jewelers didn’t have access to. His son, Tony, helped him further expand the business before passing away in 2006.

It was then that Caroline Childers came into the picture. In 2012, Ms. Childers joined Joseph Saidian and Sons as an apprentice under Tony’s sister Mariam Saidian who now oversees the business operations after her brother’s passing.

With a rich background in history and art history, it’s no surprise that Ms. Childers fit right into the company culture at Joseph Saidian & Sons. She has proven herself invaluable in modernizing their services while maintaining the vintage focus on their products which include anything from necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings made with diamonds or gems like rubies and sapphires.

Jewelry has a deep-rooted history in all kinds of cultures across centuries including modern day fashion trends. From traditional ancient arrangements meant to symbolize status or improve overall spiritual well-being to rare pieces handmade by expert goldsmiths throughout all eras – jewelry remains one of mankind’s oldest treasured forms of expression; transcending time, borders and language barriers alike.

At Joseph Saidian and Sons, buyers express themselves creatively through tiny works of art with repurposed pieces reflective of strong historical influences crafted by master designers whose techniques transcend generations.

History of Joseph Saidian And Sons

Joseph Saidian and Sons is a prominent jewelry house that has been in operation since 1904. Joseph, the eldest son of Armenian immigrants, opened his business after apprenticing at a jeweler in Beirut, Lebanon. As he had never worn a turban or dhoti like most other Armenian jewelers, Joseph was sent to India where he learned the craft of fine jewelry making and gained valuable business connections.

As he brought back his newly acquired expertise to his hometown of Yerevan (now the capital of Armenia), his family began helping him with the jewelry-making process, including cutting stones and repairing pieces. When they realized the potential for growth in this line of work, Joseph’s sons (who were still young at the time) decided to join the business and expand it.

They rented out space near their father’s home and began producing their own exclusive designs using precious gems from local markets as well as imported selections from Europe.

One of Joseph’s sons went on to open up a branch in Paris where new trends were more prominent, with more customers demanding grandiose artisanal jewelry for high society engagements. Through hard work and dedication, Joseph Saidian And Sons soon became renowned for their custom-made pieces featuring beautiful techniques such as enameling or combining diamonds and different colored gemstones into stunning works of art.

In 2013, the company officially became a third-generation enterprise when Caroline Childers took it over following her uncle’s passing away. The brand has reached hundreds of thousands of people around the world and continues to stand as one of the oldest luxury jewelry houses today.

Caroline Childers And Jewelry Making

Caroline Childers is a renowned jeweler who has had a major influence on the industry of jewelry making. She is the daughter of Joseph Saidian and Sons, a company that has been crafting and selling fine jewelry since 1907. As part of the family business, Caroline has trained in traditional metalsmithing and gem cutting techniques, as well as more modern practices such as laser cutting and CAD drawings.

Her attention to detail and innovative designs have resulted in numerous awards for her work, such as honorable mention in the 2010 American Jewelry Design Council’s New Designer Competition for her filigree earrings. Additionally, Childers was named one of Refinery29’s “31 Women Shaping NYC’s Modern Culture” alongside Grace Coddington, Sarah Jessica Parker and Arianna Huffington.

In recent years she has led the charge to push contemporary jewelry making forward in exciting new directions by delving into new technology such 3D printing and utilizing alternative materials to create unique pieces that are sure to withstand the test of time. Her work often experiments with antique techniques to produce modern shapes or uses stone setting techniques not typically seen in jewelry design today.

But it doesn’t stop there; Caroline has also begun incorporating sustainability into her design works, utilizing recycled or locally sourced material whenever possible.

Caroline Childers is truly an artist at heart and embodies an enthusiasm for craftsmanship and innovation that speaks to each creation she produces. Her commitment to evolving the craft of jewelry making while staying true to classic values makes her contributions invaluable amongst established members of the industry and those just entering it alike.

Different Types Of Jewelry Crafted By Joseph Saidian and Sons

The craftsmanship and skill that Joseph Saidian and Sons has been producing fine jewelry since the early 1900s. This family-owned business has created an array of jewelry designs and styles to fit any style or occasion. Whether it’s an engagement ring, a bracelet, earrings or necklace, they have something to offer.

They specialize in designing pieces with diamonds, gemstones and precious metals. They are especially known for their custom made designs that have been passed on through generations with the love and care that is put into every creation.

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Rings are a centerpiece in the range of jewelry crafted by Joseph Saidian & Sons. Engagement Rings can take up to two months to design due to the intricate details including the center stone selection, ring setting style and metal selection all requiring careful consideration in order to create a unique piece outfitted for their customers’ personality and lifestyle.

The company also crafts diamond rings that encompass eternity bands, three stone rings, halo rings and more as they strive to make sure each customer’s taste is represented in their finished product.

In addition to rings, Joseph Saidian & Sons have also designed various bracelets – like charm bracelets or diamond bracelets – as well as necklaces featuring delicate pendants connected by chains of different lengths such as chokers or lariats. In addition to these contemporary designs, there are also many styles from antique collections such as Edwardian earrings adorned with colored stones or Art Deco necklaces featuring geometric cuts from yesteryear that continue to remain timeless today.

The expert craftsmanship of Joseph Saidain & Sons allows them to stand at the forefront of jewelry design. From carefully selecting high-grade materials for every piece of jewelry never compromising on quality in order to produce beautiful pieces each time which continues to make this business stand out above their competition even today.

Innovations And Craftsmanship Of Joseph Saidian And Sons

Joseph Saidian and Sons have been designing and crafting fine artisan jewelry for more than a century. Founded in 1912 by Joseph Saidian, the company has gone on to become a world leader in the creation of custom-made high quality jewelry. Building on a foundation of exceptional craftsmanship and creative innovation, Joseph Saidian and Sons has earned an impressive reputation over the years.

The craftsmanship of Joseph Saidian and Sons is legendary. Whether it be an intricately designed ring or an intricately crafted necklace, each piece of jewelry from this company is meticulously crafted with great care and attention given to detail.

The company has also implemented several groundbreaking innovations that have resulted in improved overall quality of their pieces. From partnering with cutting-edge goldsmiths to use new technologies such as CAD/CAM software to design unique jewelry, to utilizing advanced casting techniques to create intricate designs that feature hundreds of individual diamonds or gems – Joseph Saidian and Sons’ commitment to creating beautiful pieces is unmatched in the industry.

In addition to their commitment to craftsmanship, the artisans at Joseph Saidian and Sons have also taken steps to make sure their products are ethically sourced through responsible suppliers that practice environmentally friendly processes. This includes using recycled metals whenever possible, minimizing pollutants when manufacturing their stones, and outsourcing labor from communities with established fairness standards. This ensures that each product delivered from this company meets both ethical & environmental standards set forth by the company.

With well over a century of experience behind them, there’s no doubt that Joseph Saidian & Sons continues to remain at the top of its class when it comes delivering innovative and well-crafted artisan jewelry products today more than ever before.

Story Behind These Innovative Techniques And Craftsmanship

Joseph Saidian and Sons have been crafting beautiful jewelry since 1875, when the craftsmanship of Peter Saidian, an Armenian immigrant and master jeweler, was first brought to America. His unique techniques were quickly adopted by other jewelers due to its impressive quality and durability. After teaching these techniques to his sons, the family business grew into an international success over the following century.

The business began focusing on diamonds in the early 20th century, with Joseph Saidian being one of the first to bring highly curated Diamonds from foreign countries into the US market. By partnering with luxury retailers like Tiffany & Co., their pieces and designs gained worldwide recognition.

Innovative techniques and craftsmanship were adopted by other jewelers over the next decades through multiple generations of engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces. From using lost waxing casting technique to perfectly create intricate designs or designing original diamond cuts that had never before been seen create some of the most exquisite pieces jewelry they had ever produced. Each piece was handcrafted with incredible detail that captivated people all over the world.

Today Joseph Saydian and Sons is known for its distinctive design repertoire-hand-forged metalwork consisting of hammered parts or hollowed out milgrain bezels encrusted with diamonds. They are also well-known for their signature 1 carat Grand Tear Drop Solitaire platform setting featuring a cushion cut center stone meant for everyday wear, making this gleaming accessory appear classy yet unexpected at any occasion.

This timeless style embodies their commitment to modernizing traditional jewelry looks through innovations in craftsmanship that pass down from generation to generation.

Theories, Relevance and Impact of Jewelry

Jewelry has been a part of culture for centuries, and the craftsmanship of skilled jewelers like Joseph Saidian and Sons of Caroline Childers are some examples of how it is impacting society. Jewelry is one of the oldest surviving forms of adornment and can be found as far back as Ancient Egypt when people were first using precious stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli, cornelian and gold for decoration.

The implications that jewelry carries today can vary greatly depending on the occasion or individual wearing it.

It can act as an aesthetic accessory to enhance an outfit or make a bold statement, or even become symbolic of shared values amongst communities. Its relevance in modern times is no less powerful either; many celebrities don contrasting pieces to show off their wealth and status while expressing their personal style.

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The purpose of jewelry in ancient societies had practical roots too, with it often being seen in spiritual practices such as amulets or talismans which were used to ward against evil spirits or provide protection from harm. In addition, they also served a great deal in communal bonding where group members saw jewelry as both a signifier of culture identity and symbolized ties between kinship-groups that stretched across generations.

This multifaceted approach towards jewelry stands true amongst others from around the world, who use different materials and techniques to give unique flare to their items so that each piece holds strong meaning for its wearer with its material sources providing them age-long tales about their importance even today.

Finally, Joseph Saidian & Sons along with Caroline’s Childers have created pieces with timeless universal beauty based on signature design elements over time, made with quality materials defined by centuries-old traditions that lend eloquence to every piece they create.

The intricacy and audacity found in their work allows customers to recognize their origins in both classic designs along with subtle innovations making it truly meaningful item purchased; befittingly enough then earning itself the label “jewelry worth investing in” despite its expensive cost.

Celebrating The Legacy Of Joseph Saidian And Sons

Joseph Saidian & Sons is a family-owned business with a long and illustrious history in the jewelry industry. It was founded in 1922 by Joseph Saidian, an Armenian immigrant who had arrived in America just three years prior.

With little more than a suitcase of dreams and a determination to succeed, Joseph set out to build a reputable business that provided high-quality fine jewelry for generations to come. His meticulous attention to detail and acute understanding of the craftsmanship and intricacies involved with creating beautiful pieces ensured the company’s longstanding success.

The Joseph Saidian & Sons dream continues today through his daughter Caroline Childers. Having grown up learning the ropes from her father, Caroline developed his passion even further during her career at parent company Jewelry Makers International. Not only did she earn extensive experience crafting fine jewelry, but she also gained an exceptional knack for customer service that has enriched the Joseph Saidian & Sons name and reputation even further.

During her tenure as President, she honed these talents further by expanding both the brands reach and retail appeal. Unrelenting dedication coupled with superior quality and pure innovation made her approach incredibly successful-so much so it solidified “the Saidian name” quite firmly across the industry’s competitive landscape.

Today, Caroline carries on Joseph’s legacy while infusing each piece with her own personal touch and modern sensibility that completes the Jewelry Makers International brand allure. Her eye for design centers around creating timeless yet original pieces while allowing customers express their own unique creativity through selectable gemstone options or custom designs catered expressly to them; this approach brings memories riddled with rich heritage front-and-center once again years after Joseph’s initial inception.

Adorned by loyal customers worldwide, each masterpiece is an exquisite representation of individual flair coupled with unparalleled standards-a collaboration bringing homage back towards past masters (like Joseph) as well as both present day artistry and fashion trends alike providing classic sophistication.


Joseph Saidian and Sons is a proud family business that has stood the test of time in the jewelry industry. For more than forty years, Joseph Saidian and Sons has provided customers with high-end, unique jewelry pieces crafted by skilled artisans.

As leaders in their field, they pioneered innovations that have been widely adopted by other jewelers around the world. Their ability to remain competitive while staying true to their commitment to quality has earned them one of the most respected names in the industry today.

Joseph Saidian and Sons’ influence on the jewelry industry involves not only their designs but also their approach to doing business. They believe in taking a personal approach to serving their customers, giving unmatched customer service and attention to detail.

They have always kept up with market trends and technology advances and are constantly looking for new ways to create products that meet customer needs. This customer-focused mindset has made them an industry leader, setting standards for customer service that many companies emulate.

In addition to customer service excellence, Joseph Saidian and Sons also focuses on helping others within the community through charitable donations and child sponsorship programs. Seeing opportunities where they can make a positive difference in people’s lives means they care deeply about the world we live in which further demonstrates that they are invested not only in creating beautiful jewelry but in making other people’s lives better too.

As we look ahead into what the future holds for Joseph Saidian and Son’s we can expect new offerings as technology advances even further allowing innovation of existing products as well as an increased capacity for worldwide manufacturing operations such as those already active across Europe and Asia.

These advances should enable them to continue offering superior-quality craftsmanship at competitive prices backed by exemplary customer service which will serve them well as they strive towards further success throughout 2021 and beyond.

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