70’s Jewelry


The 1970s jewelry design styles created a major fashion revolution with its iconic designs which influenced many generations. The era was distinguished by bolder and more daring jewelry designs that made a radical break with traditional designs. Some of the most popular materials used in the 70’s included plastic, disc chain necklaces, resin, lucite, and sterling silver. This era of jewelry saw it take on new heights of glamour and extravagance as seen in its statement pieces such as pendants and earrings made from acrylic or plastic, cuffs with abstract motifs, beaded cardigans and bracelets with hammered shapes.

The versatility of the 70’s jewelry styles has enabled them to remain timeless and fashionable even today. They were designed to empower women and were renowned for their striking color combinations such as turquoise and amethyst paired together or earth tone shades such as olive green or mustard yellow. Gold-tone frames featuring rhinestones gave off an unmistakably 70s look associated with rock stars like David Bowie or pop icons like ABBA. Additionally, thin chains creating multi-layered looks comprised of coins, crosses and winged figures had its roots deeply embedded in 70s design. Overall, this era represented a powerful wave of vibrancy and experimentation that changed the way we perceive fashion forever.

Taking a Look at the Iconic Jewelry Styles of the 1970’s

The 1970s was truly the decade of self-expression in the United States, and fashion trends reflected a newfound appreciation for art, culture and boldness. Jewelry was no exception and vast amounts of distinct new styles emerged over the course of ten years. From chunky links to bold beading, jewelry from this period was made using an assortment of materials from silver to copper as well as gemstones.

Another popular trend during this time was hippie jewelry, or pieces that diminished traditional restrains and aimed to highlight the outrageous. This style featured dangling necklaces with large bejeweled medallions such as sun designs and peace signs meant to represent messages of hope and love. Colorful rings featuring matching colorful stones allowed wearers to express their individual tastes while space age inspired plastic earrings offered a more subtle approach to adornment that anyone could enjoy.

One particular style of jewelry that gained extreme prevalence during this era were charm bracelets. Each piece yielded space for intricate charms and trinkets set with diamonds or colorful gemstones which often held private meaning for each wearer, creating almost like a storybook page that is presented through personalization.

Finally, the beloved chunky necklace concluded this decade’s roster carrying on into further eras even today due to their unrivaled allure and chic appearance. Combining various metals in one single design adorned with numerous stones creates an artistic plethora that anyone would yearn for in their wardrobe, elevating every ensemble altogether; it may have been pioneered by crafty individuals back in the 70s but its timelessness cannot go without mention!

Exploring the Cultural Significance of 70’s Jewelry

The 70’s were a time of tremendous cultural transformation, and jewelry from this era was no exception. While it was rooted in some of the same influences as jewelry of the previous decades, such as Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Hollywood glamour, 70’s jewelry had a unique look that made it instantly recognizable. It was often bold, featuring large colorful stones and interesting shapes. It was also heavily influenced by various cultural movements of the time, such as psychedelic music, sexual liberation and the feminist movement. In addition to its fashionable aesthetic, many 70’s pieces served as statement pieces or symbols of protest against societal norms.

70’s jewelry featured an abundance of materials like wood, plastics and metals that reflected a mix of both traditional and unconventional elements. Enameled earrings with bright colors showed off an unexpected combination of textures while thick leather cuffs offered up something truly extraordinary for genuine nonconformists. For those interested in sportswear-inspired looks during this period there were necklaces designed out of textured beads and beaded macramé bracelets – popularized by Jamaican reggae artist Bob Marley – were a booming trend among folks looking to express their free spirit attitude. Meanwhile chunky turquoise rings became a symbol for everything from Native American pride to hippie chic. Additionally during this period diamond engagement rings transitioned from traditional round cut diamonds to more intricate marquise or heart shaped stones highlighted by the wild images associated with this era.

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Overall 70’s jewelry makes references to several key events that occurred during that decade helping add context on how people expressed themselves through fashion. Each piece reflects something unique not only about the time period but also about the individual who wore it then or now These days vintage accessory collectors can enjoy experiencing moments in history through these standout emblematic accessories whose influence continues today through retro inspired styles seen around us everywhere through big brand retailers such as Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters

What Made 70’s Jewelry Stand Out?

The 70’s jewelry era featured a wide array of eclectic and unique styles. One trait that made it stand out from other eras was the sheer variety of jewelry designs available. During this era, bold, striking statement pieces were popular. From chunky necklaces to long earrings adorned with an array of colors and materials, there was something for everyone. Brightly colored stones such as lapis lazuli and turquoise were some of the many gems included in 70’s inspired pieces. Inspiration also came from distinguished designers such as Yves Saint Laurent who incorporated images of African cultures into his work. These pieces often featured various shapes and ornate beading along with enameled charms. Other key jewellery trends included bangles with different textures which created a molded look or waist belts constructed from beads decorated with intricate tribal patterns – perfect for expressing bohemian vibes! The 70’s jewelry scene was truly one-of-a-kind and offers accessorizing inspiration still today.

Showcasing the Most Popular 70’s Jewelry Pieces

Jewelry from the 1970s is definitely making a huge comeback as some of the most iconic pieces become popular again. Among these, the most memorable are chunky chains and pendants, colorful cocktail rings, star-shaped pin sets, stick pins, earrings with bells or tassels and beaded necklaces. Chunky chains, usually in gold tones were essentials during this decade and real statement pieces with their bold designs. When it comes to pendants, initial necklaces were an important part of any 70s collection. These could be designed in various shapes such as heart or six-point stars and could be worn with several pieces of jewelry to create a layered look. Colorful gemstones were also popular at that time, showcased beautifully in flashy cocktail rings. Sparkly pave stones intertwined with colorful emerald and sapphire cabochons gave birth to uniquely shaped statement accessories that scream 70’s fashion. As for earrings, bell-shaped designs and tassel earrings turned out to be very feminine accents beloved by everyone who followed the trends back then. Stick pins – that included an MMA inspired lionhead shield –were seen mostly among men who loved these honorary icons of masculinity tied to their bandanas. Lastly, when it comes to necklaces brightly colored ones made from beads became extremely fashionable during this era; they had a bohemian feel yet they managed to work perfectly within more formal outfits as well.

Recreate the 70’s Glam Look with These Timeless Pieces

70s jewelry is a great way to add a retro glam look to any outfit! Popular styles of the 1970s include bold, statement pieces with stones such as opal and turquoise. Hoops and chokers were often layered together for maximum impact. Chunky cuffs featured geometric shapes, while pendants had ethereal vibes with charms of gemstones in mystic shapes, symbols, feathers and more. Long necklaces in gold or silver with coins, spirals and moons were also popular during this era. Disco Bianco was one of the top designers of the time who created elaborate pieces using vibrant colored stones on both sides for an avant-garde look. This decade was all about emboldening your own unique style – whether you prefer something minimalistic or go all out it’s sure to put a nostalgic touch to your wardrobe!

Where to Find One-of-a-Kind Vintage 70’s Jewelry

There are many places to find unique and vintage 70’s jewelry. The first place to check is your local pawn shop, antique mall, or consignment store. These stores often have treasures from the past, including pieces of jewelry, that can be found for a good price. Another great option is online sales sites such as eBay. Many sellers on eBay specialize in vintage jewelry which makes it easy to browse several pieces while staying within your budget. Furthermore, there are many vintage stores that specialize in 70’s-era pieces as well as estate sales and thrift stores. If you’re lucky enough, you may even come across a one-of-a kind original piece at these locations. Finally, there are specific online retailers dedicated to selling only vintage 70’s jewelry items like Frida Velvet or Etsy shops like White Rabbit Vintage & Design who offer unique and quality pieces for all jewelers looking for something different and special from this era. No matter where you look for your seventy’s jewelry it is sure to be a timeless keepsake which can be passed down from generation to generation!

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Important Considerations When Collecting 70’s Jewelry

When it comes to collecting 70’s jewelry, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. First, research the various designers, brands, and materials commonly used in the 70’s. This will help you determine which pieces are most valuable. Second, be sure to inspect the condition of any piece before you purchase it; vintage jewelry can sometimes contain flaws or imperfections due to its age. Third, take inventory of what you have collected so far and consider your budget when making further purchases; this way, you won’t end up wasting money on pieces that are too similar. Lastly, look for unique and iconic styles from the decade that may become popular again. Chunky statement necklaces, colourful beads and stones, large geometric earrings—these can all add some serious pizzazz to your collection!

Pros and Cons of Investing in 70’s Jewelry

Pros: 70s jewelry can be a very profitable investment. This type of jewelry was often made using high-quality materials and craftsmanship, making it highly sought after by collectors. Many pieces have been passed down through generations, leading to increased demand and value. It is also a great way to inject some color, texture, and vintage style into any wardrobe or home décor.

Cons: Investing in 70s jewelry requires something of a leap of faith since prices can be unpredictable due to the limited availability of these items. Establishing an accurate price range for the item you’re interested in requires research, knowledge, and experience with antique and vintage jewel boxes – something that may not be available or affordable to everyone. Also, because the original craftsmanship cannot be replicated with modern methods, there is no guarantee that the item you invest in will retain its value in years to come.

Final Thoughts

70s jewelry is here to stay for sure! This iconic fashion style represents an era of peace and love that will never be forgotten. Boasting bold and dramatic flair, these pieces will always make a statement that can’t be ignored. From eye-catching gemstone rings to funky pendants and bracelets, 70s jewelry has something unique to offer everyone. Its bright colors, unique shapes, and over-the-top designs are perfect for making a modern yet vintage statement. Whether you’re a fan of the retro look or just enjoy wearing unique items, 70s jewelry is something you’ll be proud to wear day after day. Plus, with its low prices and vast array of styles available, it’s no surprise why this trend has been so popular for so long – expressing one’s individual style was never easier! Whether you go for subtle or bold looks, you can’t deny the impact 70s fashion has had on modern trends today. In many ways this fashion from the past has influenced what we see on the streets today — proving once again that trends really do come full circle after all!