What is


is a type of particular HTML element used for website navigation. It is used to create a navigation container that is accessible to both users and browsers. This element can be used to create a menu, a navigation bar, or a list of internal links on a website.

What are the Benefits of Using



for website navigation has several advantages:

  • It’s Accessible:

    is designed to be accessible to screen-reader technology to make it easier for people with disabilities to navigate the website.

  • It Describes Content: The use of

    tells search engines, and users, what type of content is on the website, which improves search engine optimization (SEO) and usability.

  • It’s Reusable: By using

    for website navigation, the same code can be used for different page and link combinations, which makes the code more reusable.

How is

Used in Website Design?

is usually used to create a navigation bar at the top of a website, that is accessible to users and screen readers. The navigation bar contains links to other pages on the website, and can also contain styling and layout information, such as drop-down menus, images, and more.


By using

for website navigation, web designers can create an accessible, descriptive, and reusable website navigation system for their websites. This helps make the website easier to navigate, and can help improve a site’s SEO.

What does do in HTML?

is an HTML comment used to describe the purpose of a section in the code. It is used in conjunction with an HTML tag (usually