What is ““?

is a link element which establishes a connection to the Google Fonts API and informs the browser to open a connection once the page begins to load in the browser. It is used when loading web fonts on a page, as it provides a mechanism for the browser to access the web fonts necessary for the page quickly and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of using ““?

  • Faster font loading: Preconnecting to the Google Fonts API allows the browser to access font data without having to wait until the page has started loading. This leads to much faster font loading times, as the preparatory work is done before the page begins loading.
  • More reliable font loading: By preconnecting, the browser can better anticipate where it needs to start downloading the font data from, thus resulting in more reliable loading of the font data throughout the page.

  • Reduced server load: By preconnecting to the Google Fonts API, the browser can access the font data much more efficiently. This reduces the load on both the web page server and the Google Fonts API itself, thus improving the overall performance of both.

How does “” work?

When the browser encounters the “” element in a web page, it immediately starts to preconnect to the Google Fonts API. This establishes an open connection to the Google Fonts API and allows the browser to start downloading the necessary web fonts as soon as the page begins to load. This results in much faster font loading times and improved loading performance of the overall page.


” is a valuable element for improving the performance of web pages, as it can speed up the loading of web fonts and reduce the load on the web page server and Google Fonts API. Front-end developers should ensure that this element is included in their web pages wherever possible, as it will improve the overall page loading speed and performance.

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