3 Jewelry Crafts From Scratch

Making jewelry crafts for kids is always a good thing. As you will notice from the listed resources below, bringing it to younger kids is quite doing them a good service. Jewelry crafts aren’t just limited to older girls either, they’re also quite useful for boys. They’re also a great way to support creativity.

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But more importantly, the professional finish of these projects is a huge boost for a young child’s self-esteem. How many times have you seen an older kid with an over-sized pearl necklace or her grandmother’s beaded necklace? The latter may look great, but there’s no feeling of self-worth in it. If you want to make your kid feel good, try making jewelry crafts of her own.

One of the easiest jewelry crafts for kids is wire wrapped jewelry. These come in all forms, from necklaces and earrings made of wire to bracelets made of colorful wooden beads. They can be decorated with stickers or paint.

If you’re looking for a more detailed, traditional jewelry crafting project, you can start with bracelets. A nice starter jewelry craft is a wire wrapped charm bracelet. Start by wrapping the wire around three of your child’s fingers and let them slip it around their wrist. It should be easy for them to wrap it around without damaging it. For a more appealing look, you can add an engraving to it. Wrap the charm in an old softcover cloth (make sure it doesn’t snag) and then add a charm button or a brooch.

For jewelry crafts like earrings, you’ll need some additional jewelry making supplies. Since you’re going to be embedding beads in the fabric, you’ll need a good clasp. You can choose from a plain, simple clasp or something fancier. To get the best effect, you can use a clasp that has a little spring. This will make it easier to put the beads on the earring when the child takes it off. For smaller earrings, you can use smaller clasps.

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Making jewelry crafts with gold or silver beads can be lots of fun. But if you have small children, be sure you’re careful not to hurt them when you’re playing with these delicate beads. Before you set out to make bracelets with gold or silver beads, check out the website Bead Studio to find out how to properly handle these materials. The site offers a bead-care kit that includes jewelry making supplies to avoid damage to your beads. Also, be sure you buy a variety of different sizes and finishes to give your kids some different choices.

If you want to take your jewelry making skills to the next level, consider wire wrapping. It’s a really fun crafting activity for both kids and adults. If you haven’t tried wire wrapping, you’re missing out on a very unique way to add sparkle and fun to any of your jewelry crafts. To make wire wrapped bracelets, you need to get a simple wire frame, a soldering iron, and pliers. Then wrap the wire around the frame and use the soldering iron to seal the ends of the wire. You can modify this basic idea to make many more designs, depending on your skill level.

These are just three of the many fun jewelry crafts you can do with beads. There are specific ideas for almost every type of jewelry making project. To really get into it, you should start learning a few of the more simple jewelry making basics. As you learn more, you’ll be able to come up with your own unique ideas. Soon you’ll have a whole collection of jewelry making supplies laying around, including beads, wire, and beads again.

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