What is ‘


‘ is a type of HTML markup that is typically used to close a specific section of code, as well as related elements. It is used in websites, web applications, and other forms of web media to ensure that elements, such as scripts, are closed properly.

Where is ‘

‘ Used?

‘ is commonly used in web development to close sections of code, usually related to scripts, that have been opened using another HTML tag. It helps to ensure that the code and scripts are running properly and it can help to prevent errors, particularly within web applications and interactive websites.

By using ‘

‘, web developers can indicate the end of a particular section of code and help to keep different areas of code related to the same elements separate from one another. It is particularly important for websites, such as online stores and blogs, that have interactive elements and need to process information that is entered by users.

Examples of ‘

‘ Usage

To illustrate the use of ‘

‘, let’s consider an example of a web application that needs to collect information from a user and process it. The code to open the user input section might look like this: