What is ?

is a short piece of JavaScript code that is used to enable user subscriptions via a website or blog. It is typically added near the end of a website’s HTML code, close to the closing body tag.

How Does Work?

Benefits of Using

offers a number of advantages for website owners:

  • Breadth of Coverage – Email Lists can be a great way to reach potential customers on a mass scale. makes it easy to capture email addresses and add them to this list.
  • Data Tracking – Every interaction with a subscriber can be tracked, including which emails were opened, who visited the website, and what content they viewed.
  • Easy Maintenance – Subscriber maintenance is often undertaken by the website itself, meaning it requires no additional staff or resources.


is a useful tool for website owners looking to capture and track user information for marketing, sales, or research purposes. With just a few lines of JavaScript code, it can be used to capture and store email addresses, helping build an email list of potential and existing customers.

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