### What is?
The tag is a HTML element that allows us to link an external stylesheet to our web page. This is used to create a consistent design style throughout our website, as we can set all of the fonts, colors, and sizes in our stylesheet which can then be applied to all of our HTML content.

### Why use?
Using a tag helps keep our web page organized and simplify styling tasks. We can create one common stylesheet for all our HTML documents, instead of having to manually duplicate style information for each page. This can save time and effort, as we can quickly make changes and see the result across our entire website.

### What does the referencing to in this code?
This code in particular references an external stylesheet for the ‘Easy Social Share Buttons’ WordPress plugin. This ensures that all of the necessary settings and styling options are applied to the plugin from an external source. This helps keep our web page lightweight, as we only need to store the necessary information in our HTML document, and pull in any relevant style settings from a separate source. This also allows us to easily update the plugin’s styling options without needing to manually edit our website’s code.

What is the purpose of a link rel=’stylesheet’?

The purpose of a link rel=’stylesheet’ is to specify the location of an external style sheet (CSS file) for an HTML webpage. This tag ensures that the webpage looks the same across all web browsers. It also helps to reduce the size of a webpage by pulling in all the relevant style settings from a separate source. This is important for ensuring a consistent look and feel across all webpages, and can help with SEO rankings, load times, and user experience.

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Q: What does rel=’stylesheet’ do in HTML?

A: The rel attribute specifies the relationship between the current document and the linked document. The value “stylesheet” indicates that the linked document is a CSS stylesheet. This is used to define how HTML elements should be displayed.

Q: What is the difference between rel=’stylesheet’ and type=’text/css’ in HTML?

The rel attribute defines the relationship of the linked resource to the document, whereas the type attribute defines the type of resource being linked to. When linking to a stylesheet, it is necessary to include both attributes. So in the HTML code, rel=”stylesheet” defines the style sheet’s relationship to the document, while type=”text/css” defines the type of style sheet being linked.

Q: What type of attribute is rel=’stylesheet’?

A: rel=’stylesheet’ is a link attribute.

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