What is ?

is a JavaScript library used to manage the integration of Pinterest with other platforms. Its purpose is to provide users with a better way to easily and quickly share their content with their followers on the popular social network.

How Does Work?

can help bridge the gap between different platforms and enable users to easily share content to and from their Pinterest account. When integrated, it provides the essential function of allowing Pinterest users to share blog posts, photos, products, services, and any other content they might have on their social media account.

Benefits of Using

Using provides a host of benefits, including:

  • Speed: Users can share content quickly with ’s easy-to-use interface.
  • Ease of Use: allows for the seamless integration of content from one platform to another.
  • Integration: With , users can capture and share content in real-time.
  • Targeted Promotion: Social media platforms such as Pinterest allow users to target their audience more effectively by controlling which content is seen and shared.


is an invaluable resource for marketers, bloggers and content creators who want to easily and quickly share content on Pinterest. It helps bridge the gap between different platforms, allowing for easy and targeted promotion.

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