What is Plausible.io?

Proposed.io is an analytics tool that is used to measure website traffic and user behavior. It is a simple, lightweight and privacy-focused analytics tool that does not require cookies or personal identifiers to track users. It allows website owners to understand how people are interacting with and using their websites.

Why use Plausible.io?

Plausible is the perfect solution for website owners and web developers who need to gather analytics data without compromising the privacy of their visitors. Plausible is GDPR compliant, meaning that website owners can be sure that all data collected is anonymous and in accordance with European Union regulations. Additionally, Plausible.io’s data is light and intuitive, displayed in easily digestible charts and graphs which don’t require an in-depth knowledge of analytics to understand.

Key features of Plausible

  • Lightweight: Plausible doesn’t slow down the performance of your website, allowing for rapid loading times, something that can be vital in maintaining user engagement.
  • Real-time tracking: Plausible allows users to view real-time traffic as it is happening, as well as historical data going back to the first day tracking was enabled on the website.
  • No cookies: Plausible does not require cookies, allowing for better user privacy protection.
  • Detailed reporting: Plausible offers deep insights into visitors including traffic metrics, page performance, referrers and geographical locations.

How to Implement Plausible

Implementing Plausible on your website is incredibly simple. All that is required is to add a single line of code to your website codebase, as shown below:

This code can be placed anywhere between the < head> and < /body> tags. Once the code is in place, the website owner only needs to sign up for a free Plausible account and connect their website. From there, Plausible will start collecting anonymous analytic data.

Overall, Plausible is a great choice for website owners and developers looking for an analytics tool that offers high data accuracy, user privacy protection, and an intuitive user interface. With just one line of code, website owners can get detailed traffic information for their website and make more informed decisions about their online marketing efforts.

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