What is “


is an HTML tag used to define the container for a site’s content. This tag is typically found in the section of a web page, and is used to help organize the structure and content of a website.

What Does It Do?


tag specifies a set of rules that structure the content of a website. These rules help determine how the site’s content is displayed, based on certain criteria such as order, size, layout, and location. It also helps to visually set off certain sections of the website from others.

Benefits of Using ”

Using the

tag can help to:

  • Improve code readability and understanding, as it organizes all content into logical blocks of HTML
  • Help with responsiveness, as sections can be resized to fit different screen sizes
  • Efficient use of resources, as combining multiple sections into one unit maximizes bandwidth and helps to optimize the page for speed

Examples of Using “


tag can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating a page grid, creating a website footer, or including various types of content inside an overarching container.

For example, a site may have sections for the navigation and main content, and the

tag can be used to enclose them within a single unit. This ensures that the elements are organized and that the code is more readable and maintainable.


tag can also be used to create a website footer. This is a section at the bottom of the page that often includes information about the company and its services, copyright notices, and links to social media accounts.


is an HTML tag used to define the container for a website’s content. It helps to organize and structure the code, improve readability, and make the site more responsive. By enclosing page elements into a single unit, developers can efficiently use resources and optimize the page for speed.

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