2017 Jewelry Gift Ideas

Now that it’s nearing the holidays, there is an abundance of jewelry gift ideas and options for 2017. For those who want to give something special, finding a unique and thoughtful piece of jewelry can be a great way to show someone how much you care.

With so many different designs and styles of jewelry readily available, it can be difficult to determine the perfect choice. This article will provide helpful tips on what to consider when selecting a piece of jewelry as a2017 holiday gift.

One important factor to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry as an 2017 holiday gift is the individual’s life style and personality. Does he or she appreciate high-end luxury pieces or prefer something more classic? Will they wear something bold and eye-catching, or are they more subtle in their fashion choices? Additionally, take into account if the person has any allergies; vintage pieces may contain nickel alloys whereas modern metals tend to not contain any allergens.

Also important is considering your intended recipient’s taste in color palettes. While gold or silver are two timeless favorites for jewelry, offering gems and stones sets off any gift with sparkle and fire-think aquamarines for springtime lovers or fiery rubies for wintery patterns. On the other hand, delicate pearls remain popular regardless of season and can enliven animals motifs matching most styles in modern society age groups from teenagers through grandparents from around the world.

Finally, other considerations such as gem setting techniques like prong settings versus traditional basket settings are important elements when deciding on an 2017 Jewelry Gift. Ultimately, make sure the finished product reflects both personal style preferences as well as quality craftsmanship that will last far beyond this current year. In conclusion, with these factors taken into account any giftee will cherish their spectacularly fashioned piece for 2017 seasons to come.

Popular Jewelry Styles for 2017

Shopping for jewelry gifts can be tricky, but luckily there are so many great styles this year that there’s something for every fashionista. 2017 brings a lot of bold, modern trends to play with. Statement pieces and punk inspired accessories reign supreme as the go-to gift of choice. Here are some of the most popular fashion jewelry styles of the year.

Layering lariats and necklaces is a big trend right now, and you can find these in a huge variety of materials, from statement herbs like turquoise to minimalist pieces made with gold or silver tones. To complete the look pair it with drop earrings that have intricate details like semi-precious stones or celestial charms. You can also find playful ear jackets such as stars and hearts to add an extra touch of glamour to any ensemble.

Another great idea for jewelery gift this season is stackable rings. These come in lots of different texture styles, from smooth geometrical shapes to nature-inspired motifs like branches or flowers.

You could easily pair them with a set of dainty stud earrings for a modern yet classic feel – perfect for dressing up any outfit. A nice touch would be to mix metals such as yellow gold, copper and rose gold for an intriguing contrast between colors that will stand out in any style combination.

Finally, bracelets continue to remain an evergreen piece in accessorizing any look. This season you can find bangles crafted from materials such as wood, beads or Studded gemstones that give your wrist bling an edgy twist while at the same time making it easy to dress up even simple daytime outfits.

Look out for statement cuffs too – these look great when worn solo but can also make quite an eye catching effect when paired up with other jewelry pieces alike delicate charms or chains on thin-banded watches.

Timeless Gift Ideas for Your Jewelry Lover

Jewelry gifts are the perfect way to show someone you care. It can be hard to find the right piece of jewelry that suits your recipient’s style, and with such a wide range of choices on offer it can be daunting to pick the right item. 2017 has been a great year for classic jewelry designs which will stand the test of time and make an ideal gift for your special someone.

If you’re looking for something truly special, how about an unforgettable gemstone? Gemstones have always been an incredibly popular choice for a luxurious, timeless gift; and in 2017, pink sapphires top the list as being especially sought after.

Iconic pink sapphires provide not only classic elegance but also represent good luck and faithfulness; making them a simply beautiful gift for any special occasion. You could choose any number of fabulous cuts or opt for something subtle such as a demure solitaire setting if you’re looking to surprise your recipient.

Another timeless Jewelry option is genuine pearl pieces which remain as popular as ever due their beautiful sheen and classic shape which never goes out of style. Pearl necklaces have timeless appeal while pearl earrings are highly considered among many fashionista’s who love the vintage look accompanying wearing pearls.

Sister Jewelry Gift Ideas

While pearl pieces last forever, they make great sentimental gifts as they remind us even small glimpses of beauty can last always when we embrace them. From delicate studs to statement drop earrings, there’s no shortage of options when choosing pearls.

Finally this year personalized lockets have made a comeback with engraving being popular among couples who want something personal and unique to share between them. Lockets come in various sizes and shapes so one could go for custom textual message that he/she may find meaningful or get their own handwriting etched onto a locket; allowing them to carry something close at hand without carrying it in their pocket.

Such lockets act as keep sakes reminding us that love does outlast all expectations and this season its all about being personalize with style.

Eclectic Handmade Jewelry Ideas

It can be difficult to find the perfect gift for a loved one. When you want to give something truly unique and meaningful, handmade jewelry is always an excellent option.

Shopping for handmade jewelry in 2017 gives you the opportunity to bring personality and style into your gift selection while also supporting the work of local artisans. From delicate beadwork creations, vibrant gemstone pieces to sleek modern handmade jewelry ideas, here are some of the best options available when it comes to finding the perfect accessory for any special occasion this year.

For those who prefer more minimalistic styles, hand crafted custom sterling silver jewelry is definitely worth considering. Simple bracelets and pendants crafted from this timeless metal make for ideal gifts that exude understated elegance.

Typically adorned with precious stones, sterling silver looks beautiful on all types of skin tones and makes sure that your loved ones are always looking their best. This type of jewelry also complements virtually any item in a wardrobe as it is so versatile and easy to wear.

Consider opting for traditional designs made out of natural materials if you’re looking to appeal to your recipient’s bohemian sensibilities without going too over the top. Handmade necklaces featuring wooden beads, jute twine and raw quartz pairs beautifully with almost every outfit while still delivering an eye-catching statement piece.

The various texture combinations capable with natural materials make these items look aesthetically pleasing while remaining sophisticated enough that they don’t appear too ostentatious. This makes them the perfect choice regardless of whether you’re giving to a teenager or someone in their later years of life.

In addition to traditional designs made out of earthy materials there are plenty of vibrant choices available as well including enamelware earrings and brightly colored plastics such ceramic pendants strung onto waxed cotton cording. These eye-popping pieces definitely won’t be missed – making them essential picks when buying favors for larger gatherings like weddings or birthday parties.

They lend themselves particularly well when buying gifts for younger children who appreciate playfulness more than subtlety. Colorful options also ensure that affordable handmade jewellery remains an accessible choice even when looking for something particularly eye-catching.

All That Glitters

The rise of minimalism in fashion has led to an emphasis on statement jewelry pieces that can take a basic outfit to the next level. If you are looking for the perfect jewelry gift for your special someone, there are plenty of beautiful options available this 2017 season that will sparkle and shine.

From classic diamond earrings to bold colored stones, there is a style of jewelry for anyone. Gold and silver finishes combined with cubic zirconia, Swarovski crystals and semi-precious stones make finding a unique piece easy. Elements such as birthstones can also be incorporated into almost any design to make it truly personal for the recipient. Earrings, necklaces and bracelets come in many styles from timeless classic designs to trendy runway looks.

Bangles add an interesting texture look when worn grouped together in layers around the wrist or in sets of varying colors and shapes; they are very popular right now. Cocktail rings with big, bright stones play center stage when making an elegant night time statement, while sparkling pendants can be both beautiful and understated when worn at day time events or during the office hours.

Multi-occasions necklaces covered in various textures create unique silhouettes around the neck which look amazing against skin color contrasts or paired with similar tones of outfits.

Luxury pieces don’t have to break the bank when shopping for jewelry gifts this holiday season thanks to more accessible brands like GEMMA by Peter Stone who offer a classic collection of quality sterling silver designs at an affordable cost that won’t hit monthly budget hard without scrimping on beauty or elegance. So find the perfect piece and make sure your significant other knows how much you care.

DIY Jewelry Projects to Wow Your Loved Ones

DIY Jewelry projects are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. They put effort into creating something special for them and show immense thoughtfulness with the gift. One jewelry gift option is wooden chokers or necklaces that can easily be made at home. Using basic tools, a person could create an intricate pattern on some wood and drill small holes in it to string together colorful thread or twine to fashion a unique necklace.

Gift Ideas For Overcoming Addiction Jewelry

Another easy project is a personalized charm bracelet. This can also be created at home by taking wire of different gauges and bending them into shapes, such as hearts, stars, or animals; then attach flat-backed charms that have been etched with meaningful messages or quotes. You may also opt to use stones, beads, gemstones and metals like copper or brass to create pendants and earrings that will help complete the look.

Many variations of DIY jewelry projects are available for people who want to give meaningful gifts without spending too much money. With just beads, gems and some wire, one can easily make items such as chandelier earrings or even baroque-style flower necklaces which always look stunning regardless of their design.

For those who don’t feel like crafting items from scratch, they can purchase some jewelry making supplies online and simply use their creative spark to design stunning pieces of Jewellery in no time. There are plenty of tutorials available online if someone needs assistance in making their designs come alive – it has never been easier to craft beautiful pieces of jewellery for friends and family alike.

The materials used for creating jewellery can be versatile – not limited to only specialised jewelry-making supplies but rather using everyday items around the house such as buttons from old clothing or even found objects from nature like feathers or shells; these become great starting points when looking for inspiration for crafting unique handmade jewellery pieces.

With so many options available both online and in local craft stores, there’s sure to be something anyone looking for 2017 jewellery gifts ideas can find that will please any friend or family member.

It’s always nice when gifting others with something greatly appreciated but when its handmade with love added in the mix; it makes the sentiments behind it truly shine through.

Simple Yet Chic Jewelry Pieces for Gifting

Jewelry is always a go-to gift idea, no matter the occasion. It’s guaranteed to be a winner, providing not only a practical item but also a touch of chic to an outfit. If you’re looking for something special this year, then consider these stylish jewelry pieces as great 2017 jewelry gift ideas – perfect for friends and family.

For those that prefer simple yet classic styles, an elegant pearl necklace should do the trick. The timeless design provides grace and sophistication without ever becoming dated or overly bold. There are plenty of stunning options available in different sizes and shades of ivory so there’s something for everyone’s taste.

For example, freshwater pearls make for particularly striking necklaces thanks to their soft sheen and characteristic imperfections offering beauty from nature. Whether with simple knotting or in ornate combinations, they are sure to make any woman feel extra special.

Creative Accessories to Add a Personal Touch to Gifts

Jewelry is a popular item to give as a gift, though it can often be challenging to come up with something unique. In 2017, there are some great ideas that can help add a personal touch to the gift without much effort.

First off, consider customized charm bracelets. By investing in high-quality charms with inspirational messages or pictures of sentimental items and memories, it is possible to create beautiful pieces that truly speak from the heart. There are plenty of styles available on the market today so it should not be difficult to find different charms that suit each individual recipient’s tastes.

Another creative jewelry idea for 2017 involves engraving a piece of jewelry. Simple earrings or necklaces with meaningful words engraved on them can make an ordinary item become something more special and personal. Along similar lines, monogrammed pieces such as pendants, rings, cuff links and watches also make thoughtful gifts. They too can contain letters or phrases that express what the giver feels about the recipient.

Finally, gemstone jewelry is always fashionable and in style no matter what the current trends may be. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, certain stones also have many healing or therapeutic properties associated with them when accompanied by metal elements in certain formats; think aquamarines for communication and citrines for success and prosperity as examples of gemstones known symbolically by many cultures around the world today.

These type of jewels can offer recipients protection whilst being fashionable at the same time; plus they often come quite reasonably-priced compared to other precious gems so their affordability alone makes them attractive gift items for many occasions in society today.