2014 Bridal Jewelry Trends

2014 bridal jewelry trends are rapidly changing for the modern woman, offering a variety of accessories to choose from and suit any style. One of the biggest trends that have been seen on the runways this year are statement pieces. Statement jewelry not only adds a unique factor to a bride’s big day look, but it also helps in creating an unforgettable moment by fully detailing her dress and style.

Among statement pieces, rings are definitely leading the pack in terms of both popularity and originality. There is a wide assortment of interesting cuts, colors and designs for diamond wedding bands as well as for gem stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds and aquamarines that all bring something special to the table.

In addition to rings, bridal necklaces are another great way to accessorize your magnificent entrance at the wedding ceremony. Whether you go with vintage-inspired pearls or opt for something more daring like a lockets set with exotic stones though stated quite simply can make an eye-catching statement in its simplicity.

Lastly earrings will always help tie together everything perfectly gracefully without taking away attention from other accessories and pieces you are wearing. These can range from understated studs or just simple drops or even dangling ones.

No matter which 2014 bridal jewelry trend you choose for your big day you should remember that when looking for accessories, find those that captured your eye with their uniqueness but most importantly celebrated who you truly are.

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Incorporating Color

When looking for the perfect bridal jewelry to match a wedding dress, one of the most important trends for 2014 is incorporating color. Color adds a unique pop to any bridal jewelry, whether it be subtle tones or bold hues – making it extremely popular with modern brides. There are so many ways that a bride can incorporate different colors into her jewelry pieces, including through gemstones and metal shades.

Popular Metals

Silver is one of the metals most popularly being used for bridal jewelry in 2014. Silver has been a common choice for many years due to its ability to fit almost any color wedding theme and its affordability.

No bride wants to worry about breaking the bank when picking out her wedding day accessories, so silver provides an excellent option that won’t cost a fortune. Some greater elaborately crafted pieces include sterling silver with high-polished accents or gold-plated details, giving them a certain amount of glamour and sophistication.

A more expensive alternative that has been trending this season is white gold. This can provide a subtler and more delicate look than yellow or rose gold, but is much easier to maintain than silver or platinum over time. Additionally, white gold often has small diamond settings embedded into the metal for extra sparkle and shine, making it perfect for those looking to have a bit of extra bling on their wedding day.

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Platinum is also growing in popularity among brides in 2014, as it g.


In today’s day and age, personalization of products is becoming increasingly popular with consumers. This is especially true for brides-to-be when it comes to planning out their weddings and the details involved with it.

Many brides wish to have jewelry that speaks to their individual style and personality, which can be difficult to find in pre-made jewelry. Customization has become a great solution for this, allowing brides an opportunity to create one-of-a-kind pieces that match their vision perfectly.

Monogramming is one set of customization options brides have when considering jewelry for her big day. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, are just some of the items that can be monogrammed using either the bride’s first initials or new married initials.

Also available as an option is engraving which offers more detail than monogramming due to being able to spell out words or phrases like “I Do” or “Love Always”. Customizing a bride’s jewelry gives her unique pieces that will take on deeper meaning beyond the typical sparkle and shine associated with wedding preparations.

From necklaces and earrings to bracelets and charms, many jewelers offer custom orders. Indeed there are so many creative ideas from adding an inscription on the back of an engagement ring band or inside a necklace pendant – all designed to make choosing your bridal accessories even easier than ever before.

Certain jewelers may also have special services available such as 3D design, setting stones in metal alloys that match current trends – really helping stretch a bride’s budget while still getting something truly beautiful. Whether you’re looking for something modern or classic – ­ customizing your jewelry doesn’t mean compromising on your wants and desires; it means achieving all you could hope for in amazing personalized pieces you will continue wearing long after wedding day itself.

Cultural Influences

2014 saw a significant increase in the influence of cultural symbols on bridal jewelry trends. In particular, many looks featured traditional pieces inspired by Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures, such as intricate henna designs or bold statement pieces featuring coins and beading.

Multicultural accessories also made a big appearance in 2014, with non-traditional materials being embraced such as metals, fabrics, rubies and emeralds. Popular Indian jewelry materials like glass bangles and anklets were seen being cautiously incorporated into some designers’ collections to give classic bridal styles a nuanced twist.

Harmoniously combining classic jewelry with contemporary details earned many 2014 bridal collections their well-deserved place among the top trends of the year. Chanel’s Couture offering had elements taken from both Western and Eastern costumes like sari drapes – in stunning shades of brown – perfectly merged with modern touches for a classically trendy homage to intercontinental marriage looks.

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The combination worked incredibly well, accentuating the luxurious appeal with regal motifs like coins silhouettes adorned with opulent stones. Large faceted stones featuring delicate gold settings gave an majestic finishing touch to this amazing collection.

One other trend that emerged amongst bridal jewelers during 2014 was designing to express individuality and unique character traits; brides could choose from a variety of interesting pieces handcrafted from gemstones etched with spiritual messages or scenes from nature that symbolize the wearer’s personality or values.

Swarovski crystal jewelry reflecting Celtic symbolism proved exceptionally popular due to its intricate detailing combined with plenty of shine which added an extra girly feel to day or night weddings without distracting too much attention away from the bride’s outfit and makeup.

Styling Suggestions

Dressing for a wedding is an art form, particularly for the bride. It’s essential to find the right balance between elegance and personal style, with jewelry being a key factor in completing the look. Whether it be a pair of earrings that compliment the bridal neckline or coordinating jewellery with other accessories, 2014 bridal jewelry brings together contemporary style with timeless trends.

Some of this year’s hottest pieces are statement chandelier earrings that draw attention to delicate facial features while sparkling necklaces such as pendants, Y-necklaces and chains make subtle but powerful statements. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, then consider adding an eye-catching hair accessory.

This could be in the form of statement headpiece or something more subtle like delicate pearl pins matched with a veil or drop earrings that perfectly coordinate with your dress and makeup.

When it comes to selecting colours for your wedding day jewellery its best to go for something neutral. Silver and gold are both versatile options and can be easily matched with any colour scheme without clashing.

If you want to stand out from the crowd try introducing bolder elements like coloured gemstones, pearls or crystals; these will instantly add depth & texture to your overall look. Finally remember not to over accessorize – stick to a maximum of 4 key pieces on either side so as not distract from other important accessories like bouquets shawls etc.