18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box

The 18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box is a luxurious piece of craftsmanship, with an air of sophistication that can’t be denied. This box is a unique statement piece, with its intricate gold-plated exterior and real leather design. The jewellery box measures 18x12cm, making it a suitable size for most types of jewellery.

It opens up to reveal several compartments lined with plush velvet, each ideal in size for effective organization. The interior has two pull-out drawers located on the top and bottom, allowing easy access to items safely secured away at all times. Furthermore, there is also an adjustable divider within the box so you can separate your pieces by size or type.

The exquisite exterior detail makes this the perfect gift item for any special occasion. Its eye-catching gold plating offers a sophisticated finish that will draw attention wherever it is placed. Made using only genuine premium leather and gold-plating technology guarantees you a product that looks grea but more importantly; will stand the test of time – staying secure in your hands or in the drawer for many years to come.

The 18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box boasts not only style but also security due to its integral locking mechanism so no matter where you choose to store yours; your possessions remain safe. Whether your treasured jewelry pieces are traveling with you, take pride of place on your dressing table or dresser – or whether they are tucked away inside your wardrobe, this box ensures their safekeeping.

What’s more – an added bonus is that this jewelry box comes with two keys ensuring ultimate security.

Evaluated as not only elegant but greatly practical too – This 18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box can offer peace of mind when keeping special possessions travel ready and stored safely away from prying eyes.

Unique Features of the 18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box

The 18X12 Leather Vintage Jewelry Box is a versatile and stylish way of preserving and displaying jewelry collections. Featuring a vintage-inspired design, this jewelry box offers the perfect balance of style and functionality. This classic and eye-catching box has all the features that you would expect from a quality leather boxed item.

Intricate Design

The intricate design of this box really helps it stand out – it has been carefully crafted to look like an original valuable item from another era. The exterior of the box is made from genuine leather with aged brass hardware for extra durability.

The interior lining is done in soft velvet; making it ideal for keeping jewelry items safe and secure inside. An additional feature that adds to the appeal is the ornate cutout on each corner, giving it an elegant finish that will truly make your collection shine.


The versatility of this piece makes it one of its best qualities – it can be used either as a decorative centerpiece or as a practical storage solution for jewelry items. It has four adjustable drawers within, providing plenty enough space for holding any type of collected pieces such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, brooches, watches or other sparkling accessories.

Additionally, the hinged top lid provides full access to everything stored within without risk of items being misplaced or lost in transition between compartments.


In terms of durability, this vintage jewelry box provides great protection against dust and scratches over time due its sturdy construction and metal construction details including heavy duty hinges and precut slots for wooden dividers (in case you would like to use dividers).

Furthermore, all edges are well sanded to provide superior looks with ultimate protection against wear & tear; while lace fabric along sides positions further accentuate beauty factor associated with such antique boxes so popular among collectors and stylists alike.

The Most Impressive Organization Tool

The 18×12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box is the perfect solution for anyone in search of an organization and storage solution for their jewelry and accessories. With its quality craftsmanship and construction, this box offers a variety of features to make it more than just a pretty accessory.

The interior’s removable velvet-lined drawers provide ample room to store a variety of jewelry items, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, brooches, pins, and other trinkets. Additionally, the elaborate stitching on the exterior gives the box a timeless look that fits any style.

Types of Jewelry & Accessories Suitbale To Store

  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Brooches
  • Pins
  • Other Trinkets

In addition to providing ample room to store jewelry pieces and other glitzy ornaments, the 18×12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box also act as protection against dust that can damage delicate decorate pieces. An exquisite lock provides extra security while adding another layer of charm.

Vintage 1970S Wooden 3-Drawer Jewelry Box

With a sophisticated appearance that suggests wealth and classiness, this case creates an opulent aesthetic in any space from luxurious boudoirs to more rustic environments like home offices or workshops. Accompanying antique-style handle allow for easy transport between locations without having to worry about compromising its delicate contents in any way.

Alongside individual compartments for maximized arrangement efficiency and preventing scratches on metal surfaces caused by shifts during travel are integrated allows users to further customize their storage within this fashionable leather box. Secure closure bars offer reliable support while two convenient keys ensure only owners have access into each drawer-carrying precious treasures with greater ease than ever before.

A Timeless Design

This 18×12 vintage leather jewelry box is truly a timeless design. With its genuine leather construction – together with the signature hardware – it’s sure to provide protection for all of your special pieces of jewelry for years to come. The leather exterior is gorgeously aged, giving it a luxurious and mature look.

It has two clasps on the front that open easily with one hand, revealing ample storage space that any jewelry lover will adore. Inside the box are four compartments lined in an espresso coloured suede fabric, as well as two drawers on either side and a long organiser strip along the top. This vintage piece provides plenty of room to store rings, earrings, necklaces and more – all categorised clearly and safely tucked away from danger.

It also has a delightful aesthetic charm thanks to the aged brown colouring of the leather and antique brass fittings that give it an old fashioned elegance that can be admired whether the box is closed or open on your dressing table or vanity area.

Gold detailing has been embossed onto the lid which adds a touch of distinction to this already distinguished item, while its unique shape ensures it will take pride of place wherever you keep it in your house.

The jewellery box retains all of its originality intact but still feels modern with conveniences like two key locks enabling easy portability when travelling with your precious items stored safely inside.

Finally, this vintage leather jewelry box is constructed from strong materials making sure it’s durable enough to protect your belongings for many years and remain looking as lovely as ever no matter how many times its opened and closed. It really is an exquisite item; perfect for those who appreciate beautiful designs combined with practical features, making a statement but also keeping these small but important items safe – allowing owners to organise them in style.

Special Care for Your Treasured Items

This 18X12-inch vintage leather jewelry box has compartments, drawers and dividers that will help protect your treasured items for many years. Its dark brown leather exterior complements the sophisticated antique look.

This stylish jewelry box is designed to keep your jewelry and other valuables safe and secure in one place. Each section of the jewelry box can be opened from the top or front panels so that you can easily access your treasures without having to rummage through a collection of items.

The interior of this stylish box is lined with a soft, cream velvet-like material to provide extra protection from scratches or knocks during storage and is sure to bring an air of sophistication to any bedroom décor. There are also several inner compartments that separate different types of jewellery such as rings, earrings, necklaces and watches to prevent them from rubbing against each other and becoming damaged.

Additionally, there are two velvet-lined drawers for keeping smaller pieces such as cufflinks along with slots for larger items like bracelets. The lower drawer also features two side pockets so that you can store more pieces in an orderly manner – adding further convenience when searching for the item you need. Plus, no need to worry about running out of space with its spacious design. Here is what else makes this vintage jewelry box special:

  • Crafted out of high quality genuine leather
  • Features several interior compartments & drawers
  • Soft velvet lining inside the box & drawers for added protection
  • Offered in a dark brown shade
  • Ideal size – 18×12 inches

A Locking Closure for Added Security

The 18X12 Vintage Leather Jewelry Box is an ultra-chic secure jewelry storage solution. Featuring an enchanting brown leather exterior, this box houses a multitude of compartments for securely displaying and organizing any collection of jewelry. The top lid easily opens to reveal 18 separate compartments surrounded by a luxurious cream colored fabric interior lining, giving a perfect place to store all your trinkets and treasures.

Crescent Moon Ring Jewelry Vintage

For added security, the box also offers two locking latches. This allows for true peace of mind when bringing jewelry or other valuables while traveling. Whether at home or on the go, you can now bring your precious items wherever you need them – knowing they are safely locked away from prying eyes.

Here are some of the great features that make this vintage jewelry box so special:

  • Beautiful embossed brown leather exterior
  • Luxurious cream colored fabric lined interior for extra protection
  • Top lid reveals 18 separate compartments
  • Secure your trinkets with two lockable latches for increased security
  • Lightweight and sturdy design allows easy transport of your valuables

This classic leather jewelry box is equipped with several unique features that offer maximum security, mobility, and style in one ultimate package. Make life a little easier – never worry about finding the right place to keep your most valuable items again. Let this vintage leather box do all the hard work for you.

Show Your Appreciation

This 18×12 vintage leather jewelry box is the perfect gift to show your appreciation for anyone who needs to know you appreciate them. It could be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or holiday present, this antique box will always be appreciated by the receiver. From its rugged leather exterior to its velvet-lined interior, this high-quality decoration adds sophistication to any room in the home. With a deep brown color and classic design, this jewelry box exudes style and elegance.

The details on this piece truly make it stand out from other boxes of its kind. The intricate carvings on the lid and sides give it a unique look that no other item has. The two side straps secure the lid and prevent unnecessary wear and tear from occurring while closing or opening the box.

Inside you’ll find two ring rolls as well as four divider compartments so users can easily organize their items or keepsakes. The lid also holds a large mirror which allows users to easily use accessories in something that was already stored inside without needing to take them out each time before being able to properly admire how they are arranged.

In addition, all of these great features are safely secured with a metal lock and key system which ensures no uninvited guests get access into someone else’s personal belongings. This makes security an important aspect of keeping loved ones’ items safe and secure at all times.

Furthermore, if desired, users can personalize their boxes further by having names or initials etched onto either side of it in subtle gold lettering – making it even more special for those receiving such an invaluable gift.

Superior Versatility

This 18X12 vintage leather jewelry box is an amazing classically designed piece of craftsmanship that modernize handmade leather jewelry boxes. It includes three pull-out drawers and showcases a beautiful marble pattern top surface. This jewelry box has a compact and lightweight design, making it incredibly versatile. Whether you’re looking for a staple jewelry box at home or a lightweight one to take on trips, this 18X12 vintage leather jewelry box is up for the challenge.

The choice of leather used in the construction of this vintage jewelry box gives it a strong and sturdy build that won’t bend or break in your suitcase, yet still manages to have an elegant feel to its design, with thoughtfully engraved details adorning the sides. The removable segments provide plenty of space to neatly organize everyday pieces or store more precious souvenirs from special occasions like anniversaries.

An internal mirror also adds to its functionality as you can now admire your jewellery selection in greater detail upon selecting them.

Although designed with the primary purpose of transporting luxurious pieces such as necklaces and watches, its stylish features make this 18X12 vintage leather jewelry box suitable for everyone regardless of gender. Its timeless decor provides that added touch of sophistication while protecting all sorts of items even when developed over time from scratches or damage sustained by mishandling during transport or storage.

So if you are an organized shopper by heart and prioritize style when shopping around for additional storage, then this 18×12 vintage leather box readily fits all your needs.

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